COVID-19 Updates

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Update on 05/04/2020: 

Governor Ron DeSantis has lifted mandates on dental offices and we are no longer limited to treating emergencies only. 


At this time, we are open during normal office hours and continue to treat patients for restorative dental needs, such as fillings, extractions, crowns, etc.  We are now scheduling hygiene appointments (cleanings) at this time, as well. 


The field of dentistry is different than that of your traditional medical offices and primary care providers.  Dental treatment often requires the use of water powered handpieces, air/water spray, and ultrasonic scaling, all of which produces an aerosol during the procedures.  Because of this, dental professionals have been practicing airborne precautions for decades against infectious diseases such as HIV, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, SARS, MRSA, etc.  We have always used and changed PPE for each patient, utilized plastic barriers where appropriate, utilized high volume evacuation of aerosols, and applied stringent sterilization and disinfection procedures and continue to do so.  We have upgraded our PPE to current recommended standards and have added UV lights for additional treatment room disinfection between patients.


In addition, we have implemented the following protocols to protect our patients and reduce the spread of infection:


  • Pre-screening for COVID-19 symptoms and taking temperatures

    • Your temp when arriving will need to be UNDER 100.3 to receive treatment; please check it at home if you have any concerns you may have a fever. 

      • If you have been exposed to anyone with cold or flu like symptoms, or if you are experiencing them yourself, we ask that you reschedule any appointment you may have with us and reach out to your primary care provider.


  • Virtual Waiting Room

    • Text or call to check-in and wait in your vehicle to be called directly to the dental chair.


  • We are requiring a pre-rinse of 3% hydrogen peroxide prior to receiving any oral treatment; additional rinses may be required based on treatment type and length of procedure.  

  • Limiting the number of individuals inside the office at any time

    • Except for children, we ask that all patients arrive alone or any accompanying individuals wait offsite.  All persons entering the facility will be asked to complete the health declaration form, whether or not they are being treated.


  • No walk-in treatment – same day procedures are often available; we just ask that you call for a specific time to come in.


  • Common areas and frequently touched surfaces such as ink pens, doorknobs, phones, and credit card terminals are being disinfected more frequently.

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