Frequently Asked Questions.


As you can see, we only have a few questions so far. Please email your questions and we will answer them.  If your question is selected for posting here as a FAQ you will win a free exam with x-rays! (if multiple questions result in the same answer, the first recieved will win)


How is this like dental insurance?
This is NOT dental insurance, but in many ways it’s better. This plan has no deductibles, no calendar year limits, no waiting period, no exclusions, no calling to verify coverage, and no yearly increase in your monthly premiums! Our plan is only available at this office and your monthly membership fee will never increase as long as you keep your plan.


Which is the most cost effective plan?
The Platinum Plan provides the biggest discounts as well as the largest number of free services. You will pay less in monthly membership fees than it would cost you for semi-annual cleanings with fluoride & x-ray plus one unforeseen exams & x-ray within a six month period. In other words, if all you do is take advantage of the free services you will actually save money with the Platinum Plan.


Which Plan is best for me and my family?
That can only be determined for sure following an exam, but as a rule, most of our patients benefit most with the Platinum Plan because it has the largest discounts and the most free services. The Gold Plan is most utilized by those who plan to have very little dental care with free cleaning twice a year, and the Bronze Plan is for those who expect no dental problems at all. Carefully review of the 3 different Plans’ discounts and it will be obvious which is right for you, provided you have some idea of the kind of dental work you are going to need.


Can I combine this with another dental plan?
No, we recognized that most people do not have any type dental plan, so we created this especially for them. Although our plan will likely save you a lot of money we will only honor one or the other.


Who will decide what treatment is covered?
All procedures are covered under our plan, so the answer is YOU. We will give you an exact estimate of the doctors recomendations so there will be no administrator who can later dis-allow or refuse payments like there is with traditional dental plans.



What exactly is the "discount" applied to?
The discount is applied directly to the total treatment bill that any of our cash paying patients or those with standard insurance would pay.  This can also be referred to as or usual, customary and reasonable fees (UCR) which are established based on cost of doing business.  This will include cost of goods, cost of materials, cost of staffing, utilities, maintenance, licensing, just to name a few and any other expense that is related to doing business.
Can I change from one plan to another?
Yes, you can upgrade to a better plan at any time. That will effectively cancel your old plan and begin a new plan. This will reset your new anniversary date and restart your 12 month commitment. If your are interested in a lesser plan you may only do so after your 12 monthly payments as agreed or at any time after your one year anniversary.