After 30 years of fighting insurance companies on behalf of our patients, we have created our own private

dental membership club plan!  Although This is NOT Dental Insurance, many have told me that what we

are offering is even better.  When asked, “What made you decide to do this?”  thinking back, it was the

constant calls were making to our patients explaining that “your insurance company has rejected the

charges for services we have already provided and that means you owe us that money.”  We have made

thousands of simillar contacts over the years,  therfore, saying goodbye to hudreds of thousands of "write-

off dollars."  As you can imaine, the usuall response from our patients is, "the insurance company should

have paid it and I'm not gonna!"   In retospect, we have always been at the mercy of the plan administrator and their hidden rule book. Their contract has always been between them and their member (my patient), and it always seems as though there wasn't enough money to pay claims and shareholders.  Can you imagine a plan with no deductibles, no calendar year max, no waiting period, no exclusions, no calling to verify coverage, no yearly increase in your monthly premiums?   Your affordable monthly membership fee will never increase for as long as you keep your plan.


 Let’s face it; dental insurance hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years, and those few changes have made it worse!  Why?  Because it is NOT insurance!   Insurance is safeguard against an unforeseen future problem; but an insurance adjustor, with a quick glance at your dental x-rays, can tell if you will be costing them money or making them money. Since traditional dental plans only pay a percentage of a reduced fee schedule and because of low yearly limits (most at $750) they are poorly utilized and hence, only a fraction of what you pay into the plan is used for actual dental care. The majority of your premiums go to administrators and shareholders.  It will be very different with our “membership only” dental club where every dollar that you pay will go directly to your dental care provider.  We will be able to offer you more benefits and at a lower cost than most traditional dental plans.  With our private membership club plan, which is NOT dental insurance, you will save from 15% to 100% off of our normal competitive fees.  We believe these plans will allow many more people to afford the care they really need.  Like any other dental plan, we will be collecting monthly membership fees, which will help offset the lower incomes we will experience by providing such large discounts.  This will allow us to continue to offer the highest quality of dental care at a substantially reduced cost. For more information please call 904-653-3333 or you may print an application at .